Whoopi Goldberg: "Mel is Not A Racist"

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whoop e1279324679210 Whoopi Goldberg: "Mel is Not A Racist"

By: Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment

She admits… he used poor choices when it came to the conversation he had with his girlfriend (or perhaps she is his ex now?) Nonetheless, she is coming to the defense of her friend, Mel Gibson. Entertainment headlines have been saturated with Mel Gibson and his telephoned, recorded rant to his girlfriend… or ex girlfriend… or…nevermind.. and in his words to her he told her because of her style of “provocative dress, she would get raped by a “pack of  n****** .” You know what I am saying… and you have heard the taped conversation right? Well in any case, Whoopi Goldberg is coming to Gibson’s defense. She is being quite vocal about her support of the “Lethal Weapon” actor and even told critics that  they could “kiss her behind.” She has felt that they took that support for Gibson and that meant she was condoning his behavior. She has spoken and does not condone his word choices but she does not believe Gibson is a racist.

So what are your thoughts? Is Gibson a racist? Should Goldberg have said anything at all? Talk to me…and let me now what you think… “positive word choices” and all…

C.C. Mitchell

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