Should Skin ‘Sing A Tone’ Of Hydration Every Day?

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toner picnik Should Skin Sing A Tone  Of Hydration Every Day?

By: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment

To tone or not to tone… that IS the question… you have a wonderful cleanser, but then do you use toner afterward or skip right to the moisturizer and then make-up? Let’s examine this…Many experts will agree… There are  three essential elixirs for your face: cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Without any of these, many say that your facial is incomplete.

So what do facial toners do? Well for starters, toners,  which can sometimes be confused with astringents, are designed to balance the pH levels of your skin after cleansing.

Toners are also instrumental in helping to remove any leftover or excess residue of dirt, grime and makeup.

Toners also help to hydrate the skin before the application of make-up and moisturizer…

Many have debated for years the importance of toner; now it is being said that they are needed as part of a skin care regimen… so what are some wonderful ingredients that are found in toners?

1. Aloe vera has calming agents that hydrate the skin and give it a glow!

2. Fresh cucumber is also a great aid when it comes to toning… cucumber tightens the skin and allows for coolness on the skin.

3. Rosewater… this is what I use as a toner… it is gentle, smells sweet, free from toxic ingredients and soothes the skin.

4. Witch Hazel is also wonderful as a toner… it is also very inexpensive and does not dry out the skin.

So  after you wash that gorgeous face, follow-up with a toner that will aid in hydration for your skin and make it glow… soon you will be ready to face whatever life and the elements throw your way!

C.C. Mitchell

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