B.E.T.’s “The Game” Episode 6 Recap

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2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 2

By: Frederick M. Brown Getty Images Entertainment

No ballers…No reality tv. That’s what the network said about Kelly’s reality television show. Her ex-husband Jason told her she couldn’t mention his name in her reality show anymore or she wouldn’t receive anymore alimony payments. She couldn’t even get any other athletes to appear, not even Derwin. So what does she do? Freak Fabolous on stage during a performance at his listener party and get kicked out the club.But her video footage mysteriously(wink, wink) winds up on the internet and becomes “#1 booty video” online. Jason shows up a day later and shows her that their 13-year-old daughter is now taking bikini pictures of herself from her cell phone. Jason then threatens to take sole custody, if Kelly doesn’t give up her show. Kelly runs to her girls Tasha and Melanie to get comfort but they suggest she concentrate on being a parent instead of being a reality show host. Ha!

Aaaand Malik. Malik gets upset during his therapy group session, when the doc starts to digging towards the root of his problems. Malik storms out on the group like a lil girl when his new model friend from his therapy group offers her friendship. He begins to talk about all of his friends and family who he feels abandoned him, including Tee Tee and his mom. She later confronts Malik about not expecting his friends and family to stay the same forever. Unlike you, people grow. He’s really starting to get on my nerves.

No man can be this much of an idiot..Can they? Until next week.

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