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Best Non Traditional Thanksgiving Celebration Ideas

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Non Traditional Thanksgiving Meals

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Tired of having the same ole traditional Thanksgiving meal with your family every year?  Well if you are trying to spice things up this year, then look no further to our list of the best ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

From Vegan Foods to Taking a Cruise with the family, here are some ways that you don’t have to do make your mom or grandma do all of the cooking this holiday season!

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Host Your Own Thanksgiving Cocktail Party

You and your family don’t need to gorge on turkey and stuffing until your pants are about to snap!  Invite your friends and family to a Thanksgiving cocktail party at night.

Set up a small bar with a variety of drinks for your guests to have.  Then, you can cook the traditional foods like turkey, stuffing, and casseroles, but make them into small appetizers and/or sliders.  You won’t be cooking forever and the amount of food is minimal that a whole table full of food…it especially makes clean-up easier.

Finally, play some group games like Catchphrase or watch a good comedy or family movie to end the night.

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Have a Thanksgiving Vacation

Tired of having Thanksgiving dinner at your own home?  Take a cruise and voyage the seas to tropical islands while a whole feast is prepared for you without the hastle of cooking!

Other options are going to the mountains, traveling to NYC for the Thanksgiving Day Parade, or finding an all-inclusive resort that provides a Thanksgiving meal and a place for your whole family to unwind!

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A Friend-ly Thanksgiving

Many of us that don’t live close to family members are stuck being in a city alone for Thanksgiving.  If you have any co-workers or friends that are in the same boat, invite them all over to someone’s house or a local restaurant for Thanksgiving.

If you make it into a celebration style party, then I would think people would have more fun than the awkward catch up on life with your great aunt chats.  Everyone can bring a side dish while you prepare the main turkey, or just let a local restaurant do all of the cooking and you can watch football on the big screen with your friends.

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A Vegan Thanksgiving?!?

It might be devastating not having a turkey on Thanksgiving, but some of your guests might not enjoy eating meats or anything coming from an animal if they are vegan or a vegetarian.

You can still cook a large meat for everyone to enjoy, but try a side dish like vegan stuffing or a healthy baked squash.  Your vegan friend(s) will remember how special you were to them that day for it!

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Make It An International Thanksgiving

Even though the United States celebrates Thanksgiving, why can’t you pick another cuisine to celebrate with!  I don’t think I could do it without turkey and the other main side dishes, but you can go for Chinese and have duck as the main meat along with other chinese food side dishes like pot stickers, sweet carrots, or sweet and sour chicken.

You can make it Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, or any other ethnic food background you want!

Warning: This will only fly with people that do not enjoy Thanksgiving food!

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Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Take your family to a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter where you can serve the less fortunate and give back to the community.  You will definitely feel good about what you are doing, and you can always wait to eat Thanksgiving dinner with your family after you give back!

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Potluck Recipe Thanksgiving

Have your friends and family all come together for a big Potluck Thanksgiving with twists on classic Thanksgiving Dishes.  Each person can prepare a side dish that serves the amount of people who are coming to the party.  Along with the dish, the person brings enough recipes on index cards to hand out in case someone loves the dish and wants to know how to cook and prepare it.

All you have to do is prepare the main turkey or another meat and your Thanksgiving meal is cheaper and more relaxing than cooking everything!

What are some of your non traditional Thanksgiving Ideas?  Let us know in the Comment Section Below!

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