C.C.’s Mid-Week Motivational Moment: Silence: A Powerful And Profound Practice

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By: Paula Bronstein Getty Images News

By: Paula Bronstein Getty Images News

Silent meditation is a wonderful spiritual practice with tremendous benefit… for example… it can help you feel centered… answers and solutions can be found in the realm of silence… and my favorite about silent meditation. it can create tremendous peace…

Even in meditation, we may experience noise in our world. The great aspect of silent meditation is it can be practiced in virtually any atmosphere or surrounding.

When you are in silent meditation, you are in communication with your higher power or your Creator.

It connects our conscious mind with God, the All-That-Is. When we align in consciousness, we develop a conscious inner awareness.

Deep in the silence, we can see with new eyes, hear with new ears. step into a realm of what is described as “the peace that passes all understanding.”

So how or where do you begin? No matter how busy your day, you can take a few minutes to enjoy silence and connect with that peace.. and from that little time can evolve a more destined and selected time in which you are within the realms of that silence… that peace…

take the time to light a candle… thank the Universe for the peace and simply… begin…

and the best part… there is no rightness or wrongness of it.. it simply is.
C.C. Mitchell

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