Money Saving Monday: Top Five Items To Downsize And Save Money

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Money Saving Tips Downsizing

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Here is a list of ten items, whether small or big, that can be downsized to save you money for your family during 2012!

1.) Birthday Cakes

  • We all buy for a family member or friend a huge sheet cake for his or her birthday each year, which typically only half of the cake gets eaten.  Look for smaller cakes in the grocery store to purchase so that everyone at least gets a slice of cake and you don’t have to feel bad about eating leftover cake for a week or throwing it away in the trash.  A small cake or a 1/2 dozen of cupcakes is much cheaper than a huge sheet cake, esp. when it comes from a grocery store baker.  AND, by not eating a lot of cake you can still look trim and not feel guilty about eating too much desserts.

2.) DVD and Video Game Collection

  • With quick services such as Netflix and Redbox that either stream or give you DVDs for really cheap, it is hard not to buy DVDs or video games to have in your home.  Typically, you purchase a $20 DVD (more if it is a blue ray) and let it sit on your shelf for a year or two before you even watch it again.  Check out these other companies that let you stream a movie for a few bucks instead of buying a DVD and see if you save some money.  It’s the same with video games…whenever you finish a game, it’s hard to go back and play the same video game again.

3.) Every Item In Your Closet

  • Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy new clothes, but you can definitely downsize how many outfits you have and keep the basics such as a few of everything like white-T’s, a black dress, one nice pair of brown/black shoes…etc.  Don’t splurge on expensive styles when you know that you are only going to wear it once.  If you do spend money on a hip outfit, then take it to a consignment store after to get more of your money back.  Half of the clothes in your closet I bet you never wear anymore or have from 6+ years ago.  Take a Saturday morning to donate the unused clothes to the Goodwill or Thrift stores to let others be able to wear clothes at their affordable prices.

4.) Fruits and Vegetables

  • When shopping at the grocery store, be sure to not buy a ton of fruits and vegetables.  Over time, your huge amount of food can spoil and you won’t be able to even eat it.  Try to shop on a weekly basis if you are going to eat fruits and vegetables, but don’t buy 2-3 weeks worth because your fridge won’t be able to even save it!

5.) Dryer Use

  • Don’t put all of your clothes in the dryer.  Some jeans and nice shirts/dresses might not even need them, especially swim suits, lingerie, or athletic wear.  You will just use up more electricity by putting everything in a dryer, making more loads for you and therefore increasing your power bill.

What are some things in your life that you can downsize to save money in the short and long term?  Let us know in the Comment Section Below!

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