Samuel L. Jackson’s Top 10 Film Performances

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(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

The hottest night in music is just around the corner. The 2012 BET Awards promises to be a night to remember, especially with the coolest man in show business hosting; Mr. Samuel L. Jackson.

With over 100 movies under his belt, Jackson is one of the hardest working and most respected actors in the business. Check out my top 10 movie performances from the talented actor.

I wanted to feature my favorite scenes with the actor, but in true Sam Jackson style most of them are loaded with those lovely “four letter words”. So to protect my job, I’m sticking with the trailers. Enjoy!

#10 Coach Carter

In 2005 Jackson had his Lean On Me moment as Coach Ken Carter. Jackson illuminated the screen in a performance of strength and compassion. He received an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture.

#9 Jurassic Park

All I can say is, “hold on to your butts”.  In this huge science-fiction phenomenon, Jackson played Ray Arnold, the chief engineer at the doomed amusement park. Jackson’s skilled performance added cavalier humor to an otherwise serious role.

#8 Eve’s Bayou

Jackson played philandering father, Louis Batiste in this brilliant 1997 drama about the threat of family secrets. The actor led and all star cast delivering a mesmeric performance against the beautiful tapestry of the Louisiana wetlands.

#7 Coming to America

Jackson was only on screen for a little over a minute in this classic 1988 comedy. However, his interpretation of the eye-bulging, profanity-throwing thief goes down as one of the funniest scenes in film history.

#6 Jackie Brown

Jackson played gun running, pony-tail wearing Ordell Robbie in this 1997 Tarantino crime drama. The scenes with Jackson and Chris Tucker are hilarious. It would be great to see them team up again. Jackson was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in the film.

#5 Unbreakable

In this 2000 superhero thriller Jackson played Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass, a man born with a rare disease in which his bones break easily. The vulnerability of Mr. Glass was a nice departure from the tough-guy roles that Jackson has made famous.

#4 Die Hard With a Vengeance

In this 1995 installment of the Die Hard franchise, Jackson was able to flex his comedic muscle as Zeus Carver.  This was my favorite Die Hard movie, largely because of Jackson’s performance as the reluctant taxi driver.

#3 Jungle Fever

This 1991 Spike Lee Joint featured Jackson in the supporting role of Gator Purify, the crack addicted brother of Wesley Snipes’ character, Flipper. The tragic character was familiar territory for Jackson and he was able to exorcise some of his own personal demons. Considered his breakout role, Jackson won Best Supporting Actor at the 1991 Cannes Film Festival.

#2 A Time to Kill

In this gripping, racially-charged 1996 drama, Jackson played Carl Lee Hailey; a loving father who must stand trial for murdering the rapists of his young daughter. Jackson received both a Golden Globe nomination and an NAACP Image Award for Best Supporting Actor for his moving performance in the film.

#1 Pulp Fiction

This 1994 cult classic featured Jackson as bible verse quoting, jheri-curl wearing, straight-up-kill-you-just-as-soon-as-look-at-you hit man, Jules Winnfield. Jackson received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his impressive work in the film.

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