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Money Saving Monday: Save Money At Fast Food Restaurants

by Will Johnson
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(Courtesy of Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

(Courtesy of Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

Have you ever eaten at a fast food restaurant and discovered that your bill was almost as much as eating at a fancier restaurant in your town?  Fast Food is supposed to be easy on your wallet, but nowadays, you might be paying a whole lot more for a quick meal on the go.  On today’s Money Saving Monday, learn the secrets of how to save money while eating out at fast food chains with you and your family/friends.

1.) Learn The Specials of Each Fast Food Restaurant.  Some places offer “Buy One, Get One Frees” or even free drinks during happy hours of the day.

2.) Share Your Food With Others: Each member of your party can get their own burgers, but you can all share a larger order of french fries or other side items.

3.) Buy off the Dollar Menus: The size and quality of the Dollar Menu food might not be as great as the regularly priced items, but you can save a lot of cash from ordering off of here.  Plus, you can get a regular sized burger and then order value sized items on the dollar menu.

4.) Order Kids’ Meals Even If You Are An Adult: Some fast food places have kids’ portions that are suitable for adults.  And places like Chic-fil-a, you can trade in your kids’ prize for a free ice cream cone!

5.) Look Closely At Your Receipt:  You might can get a free sandwich or side based off of taking a quick online survey with a code print-out on your receipt.

6.) Purchase In Bulk: Your family or friends’ might get a better deal if you buy a large, lets say fried chicken, tailgate option instead of individually getting your own meals.

7.) Use Coupons, Newspaper Ads/Clippings, or Online Discounts to save.

8.) Combine your food from home with fast food: You might not need to get a side item or drink if you already have them at home.  Order that fast food burger, but eat your chips and drink your beverages from already purchased products at the grocery store.

Do you have any more tips to save money at fast food restaurants?  Leave them in the Comment Section below!

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