I Am Music Fest: Our Voyage To India

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(Photo by James Green/Getty Images)

(Photo by James Green/Getty Images)

The Sol Kitchen presents the ‘I Am Music Fest 2012′ at the Belk Theater August 10, 2012; featuring Grammy Award Winning singer/songwriter India Arie with special guests Mint Condition.

It’s been 3 years since the lovely Ms. Arie blessed Charlotte with her velvety contralto and thought-provoking lyrics.

While we wait with great anticipation for the return of the self-proclaimed “Soulbird” here are a 10 of my favorite Arie songs/videos to make the meantime in-between time a little more bearable.

-Jennifer Hall, CBS Local


This self-affirming melody empowers women to love themselves regardless of their wardrobe, shape, and most of all their un-shaved legs.

“Brown Skin”

This unforgettable gem is a sensual tribute to the luscious brown skin of a beautiful people.

“Back to the Middle”

This is a beautiful tale of extremes. The purity of the lyrics and honesty of Arie’s delivery are in of themselves a powerful expression of life.

“Ready For Love”

This moving piece pierces the heart with the simplicity of its message. Yet the power behind those simple words are enough to stir love’s biggest cynic.

“Little Things”

This feel good tune urges you to appreciate the little things!

“Slow Down”

This cautionary tale urges all those in the fast line of life to slow down.

“Heart of the Matter”

A lyrical testimony for every woman whose ever been in, and eventually out of love. It’s timeless message of forgiveness offers the pathway to emotional liberation.

“I Am Not My Hair”

As the natural revolution invades the landscape of America, Arie inspires us to further redefine our images of beauty.


This beautiful video only enhances the majesty of this beautiful song!

“A Beautiful Day”

An inspirational video for a truly inspirational song. This song was composed with Arie and Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts after Roberts’ triumphant battle with breast cancer.

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