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Money Saving Monday: Don’t Be Fooled By Carnival Games

by Will Johnson
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Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

Fall is almost here, and that means the annual fall fair is coming to town! While you might play a lot of the carnival games when you’re there, some might be rigged so you won’t ever win! On this week’s Money Saving Monday, we’ll tell you about some carnival games that you might want to stay clear of or be cautious before playing so you don’t spend your whole wallet on trying to win a stuffed animal for your kids!

Carnival Games can be pretty expensive these days. Typically, a game costs $5 each time you try and win.

Here are some games to be wary about win playing at fairs. We’re not saying these games are all rigged, but they have been known to elude fair goers of a lot of money!

The Basketball Game

For shooting the basketball in the hoop, try to see if the rim is a regulation sized rim. Sometimes, the shape of the rim is oval so it makes it almost impossible to get a regulation sized ball through the hoop. Also, the balls can be highly inflated. When they are filled with a ton of air, then they tend to bounce off the rim and walls with more force.

Knocking Cans Off Pedestal

This game seems pretty easy, but sometimes the carnies will place one of the bottom cans slightly forward than the other one. This way, when you throw the ball into the structure, the force of the ball hits the closer can leaving the other bottom can in place. It’s hard to tell how the carnival guy or lady is setting them up, so see if they are lining them up with a line or front of the board.

Shooting Star Off Of Piece Of Paper

One game involves a BB Gun with a ton of ammo, and the object is to punch out, or basically shoot out, a star on a piece of paper. These guns can be set up so that the sight of the gun can be off or the ammo is too small and hard to aim it at the star target.

Lots of games though are typically safe from tampering by carnival workers, such as group games involving squirting water at a target because at least one person in the group wins a prize. Also, darts busting balloons is another one, but make sure the balloons are fully inflated because they can bounce off if not.

Hopefully some of these tips can help you so that you aren’t stuck playing a game and spending lots of money on a game which is very difficult to win. Which games do you think are the hardest to win? Let us know in the Comment Section below!


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