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Energy: NC Has The Natural Power

Beatrice Thompson
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By: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images News

By: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images News

Beatrice Thompson Beatrice Thompson
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As a hurricane churns thru the gulf–the biggest fear–knocking out oil rigs that would lead to higher gas prices. With the last big holiday of the summer season approaching, many expect prices to rise anyway. This week, the federal government came out with the latest expectations for auto industry– 55 mpg for cars and trucks by 2025. What does it mean for your pocketbook. The head of the American Petroleum Institute talked with News & Public Affairs Director Beatrice Thompson about how it all affects the Carolinas–and why a key to changing those numbers rest–here in the Carolinas. Listen to the 3 part interview for information that will surprise you about Energy in North Carolina.

Click Below to Hear 3 Part Interview

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