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Jewel’s Soul Therapy: “Breakin’ Old Habits…Before They Break You” Pt. 1

By Jewel Carter
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Photo by Jewel Carter

Photo by Jewel Carter

jewelcarter125 Jewel Carter
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Just because it’s NOT bad for you doesn’t mean it’s GOOD for you!

Addictions come in all shapes, sizes and categories.  For some it’s drugs, alcohol, sex or shopping.  For others it could be driving the same way to work every single day, buying the same brand of shoes, clothes, cars or dating the same type of person.  How do we break habits that may not be “technically” hurting us, but they aren’t helping us either?

We all have habits.  It could be how we wake up in the morning, how, what or if we eat breakfast.  The way we get ready for work or a date.  A habit is merely a regularly repeated behavior pattern or action that is repeated so often that it becomes typical.  We may or may not even be aware that it’s a habit.

That’s a little scary since we’ve all heard that it’s our consistent actions (habits) that determine the paths we take in our life.  So, if you aren’t aware of some unhealthy or unproductive habits how do you change them?  How do you even figure out what they are?

Well, just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean that someone else hasn’t picked up on it.  Ask any well meaning parent, (moms especially love to tell us), sibling, co-worker or mate what they think our habits are and be prepared to learn something new.  Of course knowing is only half the battle.  They don’t say that “old habits die hard” for nothing.

Some habits are there for our protection, we go the same way home because we have a bad sense of direction and don’t want to get lost.  But, sometimes we find the greatest things when we get lost; like a really good looking single police officer to give us directions.

Some habits are created to serve as problem solving solutions…come back tomorrow to get Part 2 of “Breakin’ Old Habits…Before They Break You”. This is a habit that you might want to start.


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