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Scandal Recap: The President’s Pop, A Proposal, & A Pending Divorce

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(Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Last night’s episode of Scandal began with Edison bum rushing Olivia.  He pulled no punches demanding to know the details regarding her relationship with President Grant — specifically were you banging him?

Liv of course jumps on the defensive delivering the brilliant line,” In the past three minutes you’ve called me a criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar.” Damn Edison. This is not the way to win her back. Or is that even what you’re trying to do at this point?

Olivia’s attempts to deny the allegations lead to further suspicions on the part of the Senator.

Suddenly, we flashback to Fitz’s campaign before the days of swapping spit in the oval office and romantic hunting trysts with the Secret Service.

Grant is behind in the polls and his staff is in a tizzy over how to ensure him the Presidency. Mellie suggests that Olivia talk to Fitz since he never listens to her.

This is a perfect opportunity for the two to steal away to a hotel room for some sexy-time. There Liv eventually convinces him to call for his father’s help on the campaign.

Fast forward to the present, the President’s doctor explains the severity of his injuries; that he may experience a change in personality, physical weakness, and that he’ll need about three weeks to recover.

Of course he takes the doctor’s advice and does absolutely nothing with it.

Next we see him up on his feet teetering into the Oval Office just as Vice President Sally Langston is appealing for support to run the country while the President is out of commission.

Talk about perfect timing. Take that Sally!

Fitz is trying his best to pretend that it’s business as usual. Tired and weak he desperately attempts to hide his vulnerable health from everyone but those closest to him.

Back on the campaign trail, Fitz’s father arrives. The tension between Fitz and his overbearing father is palpable as the elder Grant bulldozers his way into showing his son how he should be running his campaign.

That night at dinner with the staff, Fitz’s father continues with his tall tales and brazen humor while his son gets sloppy drunk.

In the elevator Fritz comes on to Olivia, but she pushes him away just as the doors open and Mellie is there to witness Fritz’s drunken advances.

Mellie boards the elevator as her intoxicated husband stumbles to his room. She apologizes to Olivia for Fritz’s behavior. Olivia says it’s unnecessary; obviously thinking about all the times she’s had her way with the future First Lady’s man.

Fitz’s domineering father continues to back the future President into a corner. Fitz finally concedes and decides to do whatever his father advises for the campaign. Under the elder Grant’s advice Olivia hires the future Olivia Pope & Associates staff to help her dig up dirt on Grant’s opponent. Abby, Harrison, and a bearded, smelly Huck meet Olivia in a diner and begin doing what they do best.

As Fitz’s father’s influence on his campaign increases, so does Fitz’s anxiety. After going off on staff members before a Presidential debate Olivia has to calm him down. She questions Fitz’s motives for running asking him flatly, “Why do you want to be President?”

The political puppeteers conspire to rig the election. Olivia originally refuses but is convinced by a very persuasive Cyrus.

The next few scenes flip flop back and forth between the past and present — specifically Fitz during a Presidential debate and the President at his first live press conference since his shooting.

Fitz, deciding not to play dirty by bringing up his opponents use of Prozac, enrages his father while in present day the President assures the press of his resiliency by telling them that he is ready to lead.

After the debate the father and son quarrel. The elder Grant leaves angrily and it is later revealed that he passes away shortly after. Fitz seeks comfort in Olivia over his father’s death.

Olivia arrives home to Edison waiting for her in her apartment. He apologizes for his previous behavior and then proposes to Ms. Pope. No need to make the man wait, “Just Say No”.

It’s time for bed, and Mellie is blabbering on and on about their new beginning and how wonderful today was. She gleefully asks the President “what he wants”; that she’ll meet whatever need he has. He asks her for a divorce.

New Scandal episodes resume in two weeks and promises even more great television as Olivia contemplates Edison’s proposal and the President makes his plans for his marriage known.

If you’re a Scandal fan let us know. Who’s your favorite character? What do you think about Liv and the President? Should she marry Edison? Will Mellie really give Fitz a divorce? Leave your comments below.

-Jennifer Hall, CBS Local

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