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Scandal Recap: Power Tripping!

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(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Last week I questioned whether the dramatic choices being made on Scandal were becoming too far-fetched. Well, last night the series came back and redeemed itself.

Talk about wrapping up loose ends and getting back to the juice.

The episode aptly titled “Nobody Likes Babies” opened with Huck and Charlie, Cyrus’s hired man, squaring off over Hollis in the elevator.

Huck tells Hollis that he is saving him on behalf of Olivia. Man! Just when I was ready to cheer over Hollis taking a dirt nap!

Fitz and Mellie play happy family with the first baby in front of photographers. Although, when the cameras exit Mellie quickly hands the baby off and Fitz promptly revisits his request for a divorce. Mellie makes clear that divorcing her is going to be a full-time job. Next thing you know, Fitz is in her face with a stern, “DON’T PUSH ME.” Watch out Mellie, those sound like fighting words!

Back at the Gladiator pad we find out who hired Becky to kill the President…and the culprit is (drums please) Justice Verna Thornton!

Olivia goes to the hospital to see the ailing Justice whose health has deteriorated faster than Cassie’s recording career. Liv tells Verna that she knows she tried to kill the President. Verna comes clean and goes into a rant about giving America back to the people…through murder, right. Verna dares Olivia to tell on her, but we all know Liv is too deep in the mess to say anything — crabs in a barrel.

Immediately after Olivia leaves, Verna calls David Rosen. It’s obvious Verna, battling through her last five minutes on the planet, is going to try to clear her conscience by coming clean.

Olivia and Huck reveal to the rest of the associates that they had a bug placed in David Rosen’s apartment when he was investigating Quinn to see what he knew. They bring the tapes to the firm to listen to in order to find out what David knows about the rigging.

Abbey’s face registers a healthy combination of astonishment and anxiety. She knows that the tapes will also contain audio of her rendezvous with the U.S. Attorney. The associates listen to the tapes under the stipulation that they bring all tapes with explicit material of Abbey and David to her.

The pile of tapes on Abbey’s desk begins to look like a skyscraper as Harrison and Huck shoot Abbey awkward glances.

Fitz goes to the hospital to see Verna. While in with the President, she loses her battle with the disease, and a waiting David Rosen never gets to hear Justice Evil confess.

After listening to hours of audio porn, mundane nuances of the day, and Rosen rants, Huck hears that David Rosen has the memory card from the rigged machine. Jack pot!

James is subpoenaed to testify about the rigging he uncovered in Ohio. Cyrus looks bewildered and asks him what he did. Instead of coming clean about Ohio, James says he did nothing. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! It was your investigation that brought the election tampering to Rosen’s attention!

James prods Cyrus for the truth on what really happened during the election. Cyrus initially denies any unscrupulous behavior, but quickly grows suspicious of James requesting that James take off his clothes to prove that he is not wearing a wire.

James argues that he isn’t and implies that Cyrus could in fact be the one wearing the wire.

Letting their suspicions get the best of them, the men strip naked and carry on with one of the most arresting conversation I’ve ever seen.

With nothing but God’s breath between them, Cyrus delivers a sweeping monologue revealing the infallible motivation behind his support of the President. He wanted to be President. “I would have been great at it!” he exclaims, and I believe him.

Remarking that Chief of Staff is the closest he can get to the mountaintop because, “I’m very short, I’m not so pretty, and I like having sex with men.” Bold, informed, and to the point —that’s why we love Cy! This is an AMAZING scene the writing is brilliant and actors Jeff Perry and Dan Bucatinsky are exceptional. Can you say 2013 Emmy nom?!

Emotional charged, Abbey goes and asks Liv if she paid David’s ex to say that David abused her. Liv admits her involvement, sending Abbey storming out of the building for David’s place, but not before she bumps in to Harrison and he morphs into his trademark “gladiator in a suite”.

He fires through his because Liv said so; don’t ask any questions; just do what needs to be done spill. Where does this undying devotion come from? He mentions that she saved him from his former life, but this unshakable blind faith is in desperate need of a back story.

Liv calls Cyrus to say that it’s over they are all going down. Cyrus tells her he has one last card to play and he calls Charlie.

Quinn tries to hire Huck to kill Hollis Doyle for 5,000. I’m sorry; in what world do you live in that a measly 5 G’s is the going rate for a body bag! Anyway, Huck offers to do it for free under the stipulation that Quinn leave the firm and never come back. We are not in the revenge business— that’s another show — he tells her. If she decides to kill Hollis it’s a part of her old life and she can’t be Quinn Perkins carrying a vendetta for her former self. Quinn go sit down!

Charlie is following James as he is about to enter the courthouse to testify and it becomes apparent that Cy’s hit is on James! No!!!!!!!  Cyrus, having a crisis of conscience calls Charlie and is deliberating over what to. Charlie is becoming anxious. The anticipated smell death right at his fingers, Charlie takes off to deliver the final blow, he maneuvers right behind James, and at the VERY last-minute Cyrus tells him to stop. Whew!

James takes the stand and commits perjury to protect Cyrus. Heated, Rosen accuses James of lying and asks if he wants to go to prison. What do you think, Rosen? I guess love is stronger than bars.

David bursts into the Gladiator den accusing Abbey of cracking his safe and taking the Cytron card. She tells him she didn’t take it. I believe her. He doesn’t. It’s over. He storms out. I was wrong.

Edison shows up at Olivia’s. Please end this thing with this man. It’s dragged on too long already. Liv you don’t want to marry him. She gives him his Grandmother’s ring back, finally moving on.

She tells the Senator that she wants painful, devastating, life-changing love. Edison rightfully informs her that love isn’t supposed to hurt.

Finally, she’s making a decision, Fitz: painful — check, devastating — check, life-changing — check.

However, just she decides to move on with the Pres he snubs her at Verna’s funeral! In an icy exchange, he tells her not to wait for him, “screwing my mistress is one thing, but marrying her is something else”. Whoa! The looks on Liv’s face is reminiscent of a little girl just denied her favorite flavor of ice cream.

VERNA!!!! She told him that not only did she hire his assassin, but she was in step with the League of Extraordinary Political Puppetmasters that rigged his election. “You are not the President,” she mumbled between puffs of her oxygen mask. She goes onto further inform him that she is meeting with a federal prosecutor to confess her sins —that she owed that to his father. Oh honey, please don’t play the Daddy card. You’ll lose with Fitz every time.

Disoriented yet determined, Fitz crosses over to the dark side and kills Verna by cutting off her oxygen supply!  THE PRESIDENT JUST KILLED A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE. Wow, only in Shondaland!

Fitz and Mellie talk in his office. He tells her that he thought she tried to kill him, but now knows better. She tells him that she would never do that — if you’re out of the office, she’s out of the office Fitz; of course that’s a no go. He tells her that she is the only person that has been honest with him. Well, I guess that is partially true. Mellie has been upfront about her political ambitions and need for power. She is transparently grimy. I guess that’s a distant cousin of brutal honesty. So they settle their differences and join forces like Bonnie and Clyde, “it’s you and me against the world”. Scary thought.

Just like an answered prayer upcoming episodes promise new conspiracy cases, new romantic interests, and lots more scandal!

Will the alliance between Fitz and Mellie last? Who is Olivia’s new love interest? Is David Rosen being framed? All of these questions and more will be answered next on Scandal.

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