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‘Scandal’ Recap: A Bloody Awakening

by Jennifer Hall
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(Photo by Frederick M. Brown)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown)

Instead of the usual flashbacks last night’s episode of Scandal began with a flash forward 10 months into the future.

Olivia has taken up swimming as a way of exercising her angst over Fitz. She propels herself through the water as images of Fitz and Olivia passionately making out is sprinkled amongst her aquatic activities. Hot and steamy; no wonder she needed to cool down.

Fitz, on the other hand, prefers long showers with a side of whiskey. Mellie tries to get in on the action by joining him in the bath, but is interrupted by Cyrus.  It must be important if Cy is hunting him down in the bathroom. Cyrus tells Fitz that four Americans have been captured abroad and are being help by persons with links to Al-Qaeda. He later finds out that these aren’t just American citizens, but CIA operatives.

David Rosen wakes up to find his bedroom has been transformed in to a murder scene. There is blood everywhere, his overnight “guest” lay dead beside him, and he’s clutching a bloody knife. Will this guy ever get a break?

After an unfriendly visit by two coppers responding to a disturbance call, the un-lucky one promptly calls Olivia Pope and Associates for help.

Olivia bumps into a handsome charmer in a coffee shop.  They both flirt. Expressing their interests through polite smiles, and giggles, but not much more because they lie about what they do for a living and the coffee shop cutie leaves before a number or even a name can be exchanged.

The team arrives at Rosen’s ready to play clean up.  David has little memories of the night before other than that his companion’s name is Wendy, they frequent a mutual bar and they did have sex last night.

After examining David’s pupils, Huck determines that David’s memory loss comes from being slipped a rufie and the collective agrees that David is being framed. But why?

Rosen stands only as a slight remnant of his former life. He was completed destroyed in his profession, no other firm would even look at him, and the former U.S. Attorney now is forced to make a living teaching about the political climate that turned its back on him.

Huck and Quinn take Wendy’s body to her apartment to stage a crime scene. Huck has Quinn stab the corpse so the blood spatters will make it appear like the murder occurred there. Huck calls Quinn a “natural”. Uh oh, do I see an apprentice on the horizon?

Pope and Associates find out that Wendy is in the business of digging up dirt and selling secrets. She sleeps with men with access to classified information in order to extract the secret and sell it for an obscene profit. Its Inception without Leonardo Di’Caprio and the spinning top!

Olivia asks David what Wendy wanted from him. David says she was looking for information on Defiance.  He begins to look at Olivia with the side-eye, theorizing that she was somehow the mastermind behind the mysterious murder. Poor David.

Speaking of paranoia, Cyrus is suspicious that the President is watching him. Olivia is convinced that Fitz knows about Defiance.

The team races against time to uncover all they can on Wendy. However, Rosen is arrested.

Cyrus goes to Mellie for her assistance with Fitz. He tells her that he is convinced that Fitz knows about Defiance. The Dragon is being shut out and is going crazy. Afraid that their prize stallion may decide to drink from someone else’s trough instead of the inner circle that he is supposed to trust, Cy urges Mellie to talk to Fitz and win back his confidence.

In the U.S. Attorney’s office, David and Harrison speak to David’s replacement. Or should I say David speaks and everyone else listens as he rambles on with a haunting melody of “…that’s what I am a stabber. Give me a knife and I’ll stab anything. Oh how I love to stab.” Rosen walks out because of the lack of evidence against him.

Liv and Co. uncover that dead Wendy has been receiving calls from a Captain Jake Ballard that works at the Pentagon. Olivia heads there to speak to the Captain. Guess who he turns out to be? That’s right! The coffee shop cutie!

Jake explains that Wendy came to him with information pertinent to something he’s working on, but he’s not at liberty to share the classified details. They exchange in playful banter and Jake asks Olivia out to dinner, but she declines.

Back in the White House, Fitz wants to order a SEAL team in to rescue the hostages. Cyrus pulls the President aside in the Oval Office. Fitz is rude and abrupt while Cyrus tries to offer his opinion regarding what to do with the current hostage situation. Regardless of his pride Fitz can’t deny Cyrus’s good advice and he decides to listen to his right hand man.

Olivia tries to talk to David about his case, but he flips out convinced that she is somehow responsible for his current agony. He fires Liv and offers to pay her. “How much do I owe you?” he blazes and she poetically responds, “You can’t afford me.”

Mellie sells Cyrus out. She tells Fitz that Cyrus was the mastermind behind Defiance. Great Mellie, like you weren’t there ready and willing! He tells him not to trust Cyrus, but to trust in her. He falls for it hook, line, and sinker. Wait until Cy finds out…Mellie you going down!

Just before the christening, Fitz tells Cyrus to order the SEAL team rescue.

The christening begins, Fitz and Olivia are the godparents. Who made that decision? Anyway, the two proceed to star in the most awkward baby christening ever as they stare deeply at one another completely forgetting about the little baby lying innocently between them. Menacing Mellie notices, but as usual pretends not to care.

Olivia attempts to duck out after the ceremony, but is accosted in the hallway by Fitz. Who yanks her into an electrical room where he forces himself upon her. She hesitates at first then gives in to his reckless advance. They end up having passionate sex.

After getting down, Olivia tries to offer Fitz an olive branch, by saying she made a mistake. Fitz promises it won’t happen again. Olivia explains that she was actually talking about Defiance.

Fitz goes on to utter, “That was not a mistake, it was a betrayal. We are done. I may not be able control my erections around you, but that does not mean I want you. We are done.”

What the???  Once upon a time— probably in season one — I used to like Fitz; now not so much. It’s time for you to move on Olivia. I don’t care how mad his is, Fitz has crossed the line from soul mate to oppressor.

The SEAL team storms the bunker where the hostages are reportedly being held. However, it’s empty. The mission is aborted and Fitz finds out that the hostages were moved after being tipped off by a mole.

Ooooh. Who could it be?

In the meantime, David finds Wendy’s flash drive which holds several pages of highly classified military information on it.

David, realizing that he is going to need help to remain out of prison, re-enlists Olivia’s help. Let’s get to work!

Mellie tries to pick up where she and Fitz left off in the shower. No such luck. Fitz is disgusted by her. Well, he’s really disgusted with himself, but she’s such an easy target.

Later, Olivia calls Captain Coffee Shop and agrees to a dinner date. Good for you Liv!  That is until he sits down in front of live video feed from surveillance cameras that look like a scene from Sliver.

Olivia has a hidden camera in her apartment!

Captain Coffee Shop just sits there watching as she blushes after they hang up. CREEPY! Liv, I’m gonna need for you to get a “regular boyfriend,” okay!

Check out Scandal next week! Who’s this new guy in Olivia’s world? What do you think about Fitz? Is it time to let him go or are he and Olivia fated to be together?

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