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Presidents Day…Another Holiday About What?

By Jewel Carter
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Photo courtesy of Jewel Samad/AFP/  Getty Images

Photo courtesy of Jewel Samad/AFP/ Getty Images

jewelcarter125 Jewel Carter
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If you answered “finding great deals,” you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Most of you probably remember when this holiday went by its original name “Washington’s Birthday” in honor of our first President of the United States, George Washington. The holiday actually fell on his February 22nd birth date.

This changed in 1971 because of something called the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which established the observance of certain holidays on Mondays. This act was created to increase the number of three-day weekends for federal employees…this allowed them more time to shop and support local business’ (see told ya there was a connection to sales).

Abe Lincoln’s birthday is also in the month of February and it would be too much to have a Lincoln Birthday holiday and a Washington birthday holiday during the shortest month of the year. Although I’m sure that local retailers wouldn’t mind.

Whatever this day means to do…ENJOY IT!

Jewel’s Soul Therapy: “Shop, go to a museum, watch a documentary on old dead guys or do like me…learn something new about something we celebrate every year and share it with someone you care about.”

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