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Scandal Recap: “Stolen Moments Aren’t A Life”

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(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Okay Gladiators! It’s time to get Scandalicious! Last night’s Shondaland journey began with Olivia arriving late to a “meeting” with adorable, yet secretly creepy Captain Coffee Shop.

However, according to the Captain and the rest of the world this is what we call a date Liv, so get on with it.

Olivia picks this stuffy restaurant that neither impresses or agrees with the Captain’s idea of a romantic evening, “this is where dates go to die” he declares, so they end up guzzling down champagne on the steps of a Washington landmark. Olivia’s faux date ends abruptly after she receives a mysterious phone call.

We find out the call is from David Rosen, who swears that someone is following him because of Wendy — his overnight guest turned corpse from last week’s episode. Huck, who has taken to avoiding soap and water, reeks to high heaven and is told to keep an eye on David.

Captain Coffee Shop goes to see Fitz! What? No! Yes! Apparently the two are old friends and the President has the Captain watching Liv! Coffee Shop asks Fitz what he is supposed to be looking for; if the surveillance is personal. Of course Fitz denies it. Ugh!

Oh Fitz, how I want to punch you in the face. It is so obvious that you are not the right man for Liv, but the fact that you still won’t let her go after you basically called her a whore, man handled her in a closet, and kicked her to the proverbial curb is disgusting.

Pope & Associates is hired by Daniel Meade — sorry wrong show, right actor; RIP Ugly Betty — to handle the PR for his brother, Will Caldwell, who is running for governor of North Carolina.  Will is never seen with a woman, and “no” he’s not gay; despite the rumors. So the search is on to find a wife for the would-be governor of the Tar Heel State.

The hostage crisis continues as the White House scrambles to catch the terrorists. Video footage is released to the media that shows the execution of one of the kidnapped C.I.A. agents.

The Captain continues his surveillance on Liv. A gentleman, he shuts off the camera while she undresses. He calls her on the phone attempting to cheer her up when he sees Liv sitting in her room looking sad; no doubt thinking of her shattered relationship with Fitz. I have never wanted anyone to fall out of love as fast as I want Ms. Pope to get over Fitzgerald Grant.

Cy, who is being completely alienated by Fitz, has to go through Mellie to reach the Pres. He tells her to tell Fitz (yes, just like in elementary school) that they need to send in the drones to retaliate. They do. However, Cy finds out that Mellie told Fitz that the idea was her own. So, under the instruction of Olivia, Cyrus gives Mellie enough rope to hang herself…and she does.

The Associates find an ideal candidate for Will’s wife; that is before Abby opens her big mouth influencing the woman to back out. Abby attributes her betrayal to having been in a volatile political marriage that nearly ruined her. I think it’s because she can’t let go of the past and once again it rears its ugly head to interfere with her present. If milk does the body good, then therapy does wonders for the mind. Get some, honey.

One night, while Huck is outside in his car submerged under the weight of a sudden panic attack, David is waylaid in the high school that he’s enriching the young minds of America by Wendy’s best friend, Molly. Molly confesses that she knows who really killed Wendy.

Quinn realizes that the water boarding that Huck endured at the hands of the U.S. government has made him prone to panic attacks concerning all things water related; showers, baths, rain, etc.

Will Caldwell’s wife hunt is leaked to the press, but Harrison saves the story from going public by promising exclusive wedding photos when Will is governor.

Fitz decides to endorse Will for the Governor’s seat in N.C. He attends a gala where he sees Olivia and is rendered speechless for a good thirty seconds in a room full of onlookers. Throughout the night he can’t keep his eyes off of her and notices her smiling while having a private conversation on her cell phone with the Captain.

Olivia figures out that the wife hunt was leaked by Will’s brother’s wife Marion. She and Will have been having an affair for years. Yikes! Olivia tells the love-sick future governor to end the affair immediately. She gives him good advice that I can only hope and pray she will in-turn take to heart.  Liv tells Will not to waste any more time waiting for something that will never happen. “Stolen moments aren’t a life.”

Liv finally agrees to go out on a date with the Captain around the same time that Fitz summons him to the Oval Office for the 411 on whom Olivia is dating. The Captain lies and says that she is not seeing anyone.

Huck uncovers that the white house mole and Wendy’s killer is the same person. Just as Molly spots Wendy’s killer on television; he’s the director of the CIA.

Whoa! Gladiators Scandal is hotter than ever! Tune in next week for more on the world of Olivia Pope. Will Olivia fall for Captain Coffee Shop? Can Cyrus regain Fitz’s trust? Will Huck be okay? Does yellow and blue make green?

Find out the answers to those questions and more next Thursday!!!

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