‘Scandal’ Rundown: Even The Devil Loves His Kids!

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(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images)

The drama continued on last night’s episode of Scandal. I’m still hanging in there, but for new reasons. No longer do I hold hopes of Liv and Fitz rekindling their torrid romance. Now I’m in it for the intrigue — the mystery of “who done it.”

That seems a much more viable alternative to rooting for a sista to give it up to an overbearing, self-centered, alcoholic. That’s right Mr. President I’d like to elect another candidate to the position of Olivia Pope’s boyfriend. Now, on to last night’s episode!

The Devil himself — Texas loud talker, Hollis Doyle becomes the latest client at Olivia Pope & Associates after the kidnapping of his daughter. He doesn’t believe his junkie daughter has really been taken. He attributes her mysterious disappearance, and her crocodile tears on a ransom video, to be the act of a desperate little girl determined to get-rich-quick off the spoils of her powerful father. He refuses to pay the ransom.

David’s downward spiral continues. Someone ransacks his apartment and he moves in with Pope  & Associates. Yah Abby! Liv hire him already! Bring David Rosen out of the depths of despair and into the world of corrupt law, dirty money, and methodical duplicity.

Quinn’s training with Huck continues as the two ride around like psychos looking for the perfect family to watch. It’s sweet, yet oh so creepy. Imagine Huck parked outside your house — staring.

Doyle’s assistant opens a package addressed to her master — oh I’m sorry employer, and she finds an ear. Yuck! Everyone is cringing except Hollis who continues to chomp on a burger, and Huck who seems fascinated yet concerned in that weird Huck-like way.

Unmoved by the mangled body part, Hollis demands a DNA test to prove that it once belonged to his daughter.

So while Cyrus gleefully revels in the “Karma” of Doyle’s situation, Doyle receives a photo of his daughter with a bloody mess where her ear should be. Hollis subsequently freaks out and orders for them to “Pay them! Pay them whatever they want!” Now you want to start acting like a father!

They finally get Doyle’s daughter back. Just as the Associates figure out that she actually kidnapped herself! Oh man —she cut off her own ear. That’s what I call dedication…or is that just cray cray? Definitely, a little of both. So Hollis reverses the deposits to her accounts and gives her an ultimatum — the money or the family. She chooses the money; she’ll buy a new family.

Captain Coffee Shop gives the President information from his “source” about CIA director Osborne being the mole that everyone’s been looking for over the past few episodes.

Cyrus calls while Liv is preparing for a date with Captain Coffee Shop and Liv’s thoughts stray to Fitz. Next thing you know she’s calling off her date with the Captain. Ugh girl! Get your life!

The Captain makes it clear that he likes her. He tells Liv that she seems sad. Despite her sadness, he offers himself as her “do over.” Well, you know Nike’s slogan!

Mellie cancels Fitz’s week with the kids. He starts to go in on her. “They didn’t want to come!” she blazes. She calls him out on his excessive drinking, his unpleasant nature, and the fact that he stopped being their father when he fell out with Olivia. “You’ve turned into your father,” she tells him. Oooh, Mellie those are fighting words! You know he can’t stand his Daddy!

In trademark Scandal-surprise-ending-fashion, Captain Coffee Shop meets with A Different World’s Byron Douglas about Osborne’s death, “it was staged perfectly,”   says the Different World alumni. Say what!

Is Captain Coffee Shop a good guy or a bad guy? For Liv’s sake I am hoping he’s good; although but her track record with men, and the last conversation, lead me to suspect otherwise.

What were your favorite parts of last night’s show? Are you still hooked on the drama or are you getting tired of the antics?

Leave your comments below!

-Jennifer Hall, CBS Local

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