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Jewel’s Soul Therapy: 31 Days To Overcome FEAR Day 3

By Jewel Carter
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Photo by PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images

Photo by PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images

jewelcarter125 Jewel Carter
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Please join me this month as I address the topic of FEAR inside Soul Therapy…H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said:
“Remember everyone you meet is AFRAID of something, LOVES something and has LOST something.”

What’s your story? Check out my Day 3 video and learn a little bit of mine.

Are you afraid of Being Alone? Being Rejected? Forgotten? Dying with your Music still in you? Whatever “it” is…you are NOT alone in your fear. As much as society CONTINUES to keep us apart with labels, generalizations and scare tactics we are MORE alike than different. There is SOMETHING in EVERYONE worth LOVING!!

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