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Top 10 Things Guys Do That Drive Women Away

by Nichole K. Jaworski
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Alex Wong/Getty Images

Alex Wong/Getty Images

(CBS Radio) — By now, we’ve all heard that women drive men crazy, but now it’s time to turn the tables.

Of course there are things that each sex does that completely annoys the other sex, but for the purpose of this discussion, we are going to focus on how guys drive girls away.

10. Your friends: If your girl doesn’t like your friends, you’re in trouble! Just the thought of having to be around them is enough to drive her crazy. If your friends are loud and obnoxious, or they make your girlfriend/wife feel uncomfortable, you may want to consider not bringing them around.

9. Having a big ego: Dear men, no woman is going to want to be in a relationship with you if you have an inflated ego and are completely full of yourself. Any woman who has to listen to her man talk about “how awesome” he is constantly, is going to leave your behind — fast!

8. Being too nice: Have you ever heard that” nice guys finish last?” It’s true…most women want an assertive man in their life — one that isn’t afraid to take charge and tell her like it is. Also, women don’t always want their man to cater to their every need. Women like a man who is sweet and caring, but is not a total push over.

7. Women don’t like it when their man takes them for granted. If you’re the kind of guy who spends more time with your buddies than with your girl, or if you spend a lot of time talking to or flirting with other girls — you’re in for a rude awakening. Sooner or later, your girl is going to get sick of feeling alone and spending time alone…and she’s going to leave you in the dust.

6. Not listening: Listen up men…what women say to you is important, especially during an argument. When you “yes” her or say “uh-huh” she knows that you are not really paying attention to what she is trying to voice. Without two-sided communication, the relationship isn’t likely to go very far.

5. Absorbed in technology: Your girl does not like it when you spend your “together time” absorbed in your Smartphone, computer, or any other electronic device for that matter. Your girlfriend or wife wants your attention, not all of it, but a great deal of it. Without it, she doesn’t feel valued and she doesn’t feel like you really want to be in a relationship with her.

4. If you and your girl live together, it drives her crazy when you don’t help out around the apartment/house. Cleaning up around the house or doing all of the cooking and laundry, etc., can be very overwhelming for one person. In truth, women admire men who pitch in around the house and help out.

3. Spend too much time in the bathroom. Women can’t understand why men spend so much time in the bathroom. I mean, the way we see it, all you have to do is take a shower, comb your hair, throw on some clothes and head out in the morning. What could you possibly be doing in there for over an hour?! Additionally, your girl CANNOT stand it when you leave the toilet seat up or leave a mess in the sink after shaving.

2. ATTENTION MEN: Your girl DOES NOT want to hear about your latest medi/pedi appointment, and she does not want to hear that you had your chest/back waxed or that you shave your legs! I repeat, she does not want to hear this! If you do any of these things…do not tell her. Your girl wants her man to be masculine, and she may question your masculinity and run (as fast as possible) if she knows you get your nails done, etc.

1. Act like a baby when you’re sick. It’s true that most women have strong nurturing and maternal extincts, but don’t be fooled, we DO NOT want to take care of you EVERY TIME you get sick. Of course, we are more than willing to make you soup or keep you company when you are not feeling well, but acting like a baby when you’re under the weather is annoying and very unattractive.

While one or more of the above mentioned traits/habits isn’t likely to make your girl run as far away from you as possible, if you said “I do that,” to two or more things on our top 10 list, if you still have a girl, than she must REALLY, really love you. If you’d like to keep her around even longer, you should make a conscious effort to stop doing at least one of these things. But, if you’re trying to “lose her” you should probably start doing as many of these things as possible.

-QC Writer, CBS Radio

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