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@ChirlGirl: Moths Are Beautiful, Too!

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Can You See The Beauty, Here?

Can You See The Beauty, Here?

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Are you moth in a butterfly world?

Are you moth in a butterfly world?

I saw a beautiful moth this morning by my front door.

Yes, I said “MOTH” not ‘butterfly!” Two of God’s amazing creatures!  Both can fly, both have incredible colors and both know about the hard work that it takes to make changes to get to the next level of growth!

Let’s show some love for the caterpillar’s journey!  It struck me that that’s how the world treats you sometimes. As if what we are, how we are, how we look or think, isn’t enough. And it is MORE than enough!  YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!   Just because someone just can’t “see” your ‘shine’, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

So what if they don’t “get” the gorgeousness of your spirit, your intelligence, the depth of your character or your special beauty!  It’s okay, because, YOU ARE FABULOUS! Just shake off your haters and FLY!  That’s right, leave the naysayers crawling around on the ground to work on their own growth and you focus on flying!  Soar towards your dreams and be beautiful and strong in your own special, designed by the hand of God way!  Fly, fly. fly!


Look at these beautiful moths!  I bet you didn’t know!

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