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Scandal Rundown: The Most Infamous Woman In The World

by Jennifer Hall
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(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Every Thursday night I trade in my laptop for a three piece suit and pound through Capitol Hill in three inch heels—well in my mind I do by way of one of my favorite Shonaland creations, Scandal.

Last night Scandal kicked off its third season much to the delight of self-proclaimed “Gladiators in Suits” everywhere!

I think fans would agree with me, last night was not a disappointment. Shonda Rhimes & Co. BROUGHT IT! And after a whole summer of going through withdrawal, I’m hooked again.

Our fearless leader, Olivia Pope, became “the most infamous woman in the world” as her relationship with Fitz aka Mr. Prez was ousted to the public.

Just when I think Liv is the “baddest” fixer out there, here comes her Pops!  Mr. Pope makes Liv look about as threatening as Ellen DeGeneres.

Phrases like, “You raised your skirt and opened your knees and gave it away to a man with too much power,” “Do you have to be so mediocre?” and “I am the hell or high water,” solidified his “badness” to the level of Samuel L. Jackson in—well anything.

He schooled her in such a way, that Liv looked like a misguided little girl who just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Mr. Pope this season!

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Known for its A+ dialogue, Scandal had so many moments that left me in awe of the writers. Here are some of my favorite scenes from last night’s show:

1. Vice President Sally is in the oval office with Cyrus; as Sally refuses to support the President under the obligation of being “the Lord’s witness.”

Cyrus of course loses it and begins a loud high pitch rant where he states, “The people elected you to be the President’s sidekick not the Lord!” But you know Sally; she’s got a sword for a tongue and she elegantly begins to slice him into little pieces as she comes back criticizing his lifestyle and mentioning his “poor sweet brown baby” — Oh Sally!

2. Liv and Daddy Dearest get into it where he has his own A Few Good Men moment; railing on about the freedom and democracy that he makes possible!

3. Fitz, Mellie, and Liv are locked in a room talking about how to handle the affair in the press. Mellie is vicious. She refuses to allow Fitz to reveal that he is actually in love with Olivia by threatening to air all their dirty laundry. So, with a paint brush dipped in arsenic Mellie drafts Olivia as a whor for the whole world.

4. Mellie confronts Fitz about leaking Olivia’s name. Man, do the fireworks go off!  Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn are amazing in this scene. To sum it up in layman’s terms:

MELLIE – Being first lady is beneath me. You are beneath me, Fitz!

FITZ – Well, let the battle begin, lady! You think your guns are bigger than mine. What do you say to a game of show and tell!

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By the end of the show we still haven’t seen Jake Ballard! He’s rotting away at the bottom of a hole somewhere.

I never wanted someone to live so badly! Jake was a welcome distraction for Olivia. Although Fitz clearly loves her, loving him is going to get my girl killed—hence Cyrus’s “kill folder on Olivia Pope.”

This season promises to be just as good as or better than its predecessors. I can’t wait until next Thursday!

What did you think about last night’s episode? Leave your comments below!

-Jennifer Hall, CBS Radio Charlotte

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