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Wellness Wednesday: Six Healthy Tips To Drop Holiday Weight!

by Jennifer Hall
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 (Photo credit should read FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit should read FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images)

Fast-forward two weeks. It’s the end of December and you’ve spent the last month gorging on cake, cookies, pie, stuffing, candy, and lots and lots of turkey.

Glancing in the mirror takes on a whole new, yet aptly horrifying role.

So with a few extra inches around your mid-section, you embark upon a New Year’s journey to get back into stealth condition.

Enter the drastic cleanse. You know the one that calls you to feast on a vile lemonade concoction for ten days or so. Or maybe sweating with a trainer is more your style, so the hunt for the perfect gym begins.

According to Stylecaster.com and fitness expert David Kirsch there are easy health tips to overcome that extra holiday bulge.

So, before you decide on your fat-busting weapon of choice take a look at Six Healthy Tips To Drop Holiday Weight.

1. Set Goals
Write your goals down and put them where you can see them. Setting goals is a great way to remain consistent and accountable for your health. Reassess your fitness agenda on a regular basis. Kirsch notes, “It’s better to take baby steps than to give your entire routine a makeover. For example, instead of resolving to run five miles daily, resolve to take the stairs instead of the elevator, and eat a salad for lunch. Gradually work your way up and your goals won’t seem overwhelming.”

2. Do you know your ABCs?
Alcohol, Bread, processed Carbs—your ABCS. To get started you must swap out your ABCs for lean protein and green veggies.

3. Make smart additions & don’t forget to Snack!
While you’re cutting the ABCs from your diet, there are plenty of great additions to your palette that will make you feel full and loaded with energy. Kirsch swears by spinach, kale, turkey burgers, chicken, quinoa, and salmon. Healthy veggies combined with protein—celery and almond butter, also make a great snack!

4. Get moving!
Regardless if you’re heading to the gym, the local YMCA, working out in your living room, or taking a jog around the block, you have to exercise to obtain optimum fitness.

5. You are allowed to cheat…just don’t go crazy.
Complete deprivation often leads to failure, so it is wise to treat yourself to your favorite guilty pleasure, in moderation. Indulge in dessert or wine—a cheat meal instead of a cheat day.

6. Eat responsibly at Restaurants
You won’t always find yourself eating at home, so on those nights when you’re out with friends and loved ones don’t throw caution to the wind—do a little research. Go online ahead of time and research a restaurant’s menu. See what healthy alternatives are available and stick with those choices when dining. Other great tips are to avoid the bread basket, fried foods, breaded items, products with heavy cream, and of course dessert. Kirsch also recommends ordering a salad upon arrival to avoid the temptation munching on heavy appetizers or complimentary bread while you wait for your entree.

-Jennifer Hall, CBS Radio Charlotte

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