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See It, Rent It, Or Skip It: ‘Walking With Dinosaurs 3D’

by Jennifer Hall
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Walking with Dinosaurs
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Education rendezvous with fun against the backdrop of the Cretaceous period in Walking with Dinosaurs 3D. The film adapted from the original BBC mini-series of the same name, roars into theaters this Friday (tomorrow).

With vocal talents including John Leguizamo and Justin Long, Walking with Dinosaurs follows the story of a young Pachyrhinosaurus aptly named Patchi (Long) through migration, loss, and finding his place in the herd.

The film opens with live-action footage before being transported back to the land before time. An Alexornis bird named Alex (Leguizamo) is our guide. Leguizamo is superb in the role of Alex. Feisty yet paternal, he serves as a friend and confidant for Patchi—think Jiminy Cricket with feathers.

The most captivating aspect of the film is the cinematography. Instead of creating an entirely computer animated picture. Computer animated dinosaurs were added to live-action background footage.

A digital extension of photorealism, scenes unfold like a documentary. The names of dinosaurs are featured prominently as new creatures arrive on-screen.

Viewers are introduced to an entire string of dinosaurs that they may not be familiar with. Gone are the well-known Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Brontosaurus; and in lumber less familiar dinosaurs like the Gorgosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Edmontosaurus.

3D was put to great use in the film. Over the past few years 3D technology has been abused. Attractive to production companies because they can demand a higher price tag in the theaters, the tool rarely enhances the films aesthetic quality.

However in Dinosaurs the 3D technology increases the intensity of the prehistoric beasts. I watched as children captivated by the imagery, suspended reality and jumped to avoid hungry jaws or reached out to touch their favorite hero.

Walking with Dinosaurs offers something for the entire family. There is humor for kids of all ages, interesting characters, and at the core a heartwarming story. I give Walking with Dinosaurs 3D a SEE IT rating. Great family fun. You will not be disappointed.

-Jennifer Hall, CBS Radio Charlotte

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