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3 Things To Do Today To Begin Your Journey To Happy

By Jewel Carter
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Courtesy of istockphoto

Courtesy of istockphoto

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Everyone loves a great book, movie, storyline any day and every day. The challenge however, comes when we close the book, the credits roll and we go back to the natural lighting in the room. Sometimes we get into the characters and the story so deeply, that we forget that it is what it is. No matter how much it’s “based on true life events”, trust and believe that just like that “secret” sauce, we don’t know all the ingredients that went into making it; and there are some added juicy bits to keep you engaged.

However, have you noticed that in our everyday lives there are times when things are not always juicy? In fact, they can be downright dry. Our media does a great job of making one minute and even an hour look so damn sexy. I often forget while watching the TV show 24 that everything is taking place in one day. Seriously, Jack saves the world twice, kills about 50 people and also manages to get a little sneaky freaky hug in with the ex. Of course at no point in time does he go use the bathroom, but I guess he wouldn’t need to since he hasn’t eaten all day either. So, turn off the television and put down the remote and try these three things to kick-start your happy:

Spend the majority of your time in the present
It’s all great to take that occasional trip down memory lane, but the past is over, it’s done, we can’t change it, modify it or think it away or make it come back. The same can be said for the future. You can plan, plan and make plans for your plans, however, until the future arrives, that’s about all you can do with it. TODAY is what we have. Today you can control. You have the power to wake up and smile and set forth a course of action that you planned for (in the past). Make a call, make amends, enjoy the sun, the rain, great conversations.

Laugh often and laugh long and hard
Recently, I signed up for an Improv class. Think Saturday Night Live or Who’s Line Is It Anyway? It was one day a week over seven weeks. The best time and money spent. Now, you don’t have to give up any significant amount of time or money or travel outside of your house to laugh. Sometimes it’s as simple as looking in a mirror. Pulling out your favorite movie on DVD or watching children or pets (they are always reliable for a good laugh). The point is to not take EVERYTHING so seriously all the time. Laugh out loud, laugh until you cry or pee your pants and then laugh again at that, because that’s always funny.

Music and meditation
Both are known to be food for our souls. without boring you with all the medical research that has been done to prove the positive effects of both music and meditation, I will only say that they have worked wonders for me. Music has the power to stir up great memories and make us smile. Meditation takes us out of our current head space and allows us to let go. There are so many resources available to us today to find the perfect blend of music and meditations to guide us.

Try something new. (That would have been #4 on the list, but this is only a top 3 list of things).

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