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Top 10 TV Theme Songs Of All Time!

by Jennifer Hall
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(Photo by Diane Freed)

(Photo by Diane Freed)

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Most refer to Baseball as “America’s Favorite Pastime.” However, I beg to differ. Despite the romanticized appeal of hitting the diamond for physical activity, the truth is that many Americans spend their leisure time doing something more sedentary.

Watching TV.

From a young age our favorite television shows have served as a source of humor, excitement, intrigue, and even frustration. Celebrated TV stars and personalities became a sort of extended family and as we model our hair, dress, and attitude after images housed in that magic little box.

Growing up, theme songs were long and adventurous, they were tracks from the soundtrack of our life. In some cases, the opening credits brought as much excitement as the actual show.

We could sing them word for word. Families ritualistically converged in front of the television to get lost in their favorite sitcom or drama.

In honor of this Favorite American Pastime, I’ve compiled a list of timeless intros from our favorite small screen entertainment in the Top 10 TV Theme Songs Of All Time:

Did your favorite make the list? Let me know in the comment section below!

#10 Frasier

#9 A Different World

#7 Sanford and Son

#6 Good Times

#5 The Fresh Prince of Belair

#4 The Cosby Show

#3 Cheers:

#2 The Golden Girls

#1 The Jeffersons


Other Favorite Include…

The Greatest American Hero

The Big Bang Theory

The Facts of Life

Who’s The Boss?

Magnum PI

Knight Rider

Sesame Street

Growing Pains


The Andy Griffith Show

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