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History:The Japanese Bombers Head To—Pearl Harbor

This isthe day one state was created–because its citizens did not want to be a “slave state.” Do you know which Southern state this was? The answer is in today’s History Notes.

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Birthdays: Gridiron Great To TV Commentator–Donovan McNabb

You saw him play in the NFL for several teams–now he gets the final commentary word on those same teams as part of the television shows that air during football season. Donovan McNabb is our celebrating celebrity today

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History: The Final Ride……

It was on this day that the body of President John Kennedy was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery–do you know what special gesture First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy did at that final resting place?

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Health:Physical Activity,Music Relieves Kids’ Stress

New rules from the affordable Care Act will soon make restaurant chains and vending machines show you exactly how much fat is in that sandwich–or doughnut.

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Business: Shoppers, Start Your Engines…..

Its what the business world has been waiting for–the holiday shopping season. And there are surveys and trend watchers who say–this year will be pretty good for business. There is also a new report out about consumer confidence.

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