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History-Pt 1:Roots Wins The Big Prize–The Pulitzer

It was on this day that the history of author Alex Hailey’s family–”Roots”–won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize—can you recall the year?

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Business: Costing A Lot Of Bread To Buy Lettuce

Farmers out West say that the ongoing drought is forcing them not to plant crops–and that’s running up prices.

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By: Stephen Shugerman
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Birthdays: The “Mad Black Woman” Who “Set It Off”–Happy B’Day Kimberly Elise

Who didn’t want her to push that philandering husband into that sunken tube in “Diary of a mad Black Woman”, or wondering what bank robbery role a mother could play in “Set it Off?” But Kimberly Elise has been setting it off with her career and today she celebrates her birthday.

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History: “Houston–We Have A Problem…”

Those infamous words were said by the astronauts in the Apollo 13 module–but on this day, they finally got back to earth–in one piece. Do You know what year this happened?

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By: Joe Raedle
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Health:Wrong Medical Diagnosis– Could Kill You

A new report out says wrong medical diagnoses are affecting 12 million Americans–with half of those wrong readings causing harm to patients. And what makes you procrastinate? It could be in your genes

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