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History: Nixon-Watergate–Those Tapes…..

It may have been the biggest scandal involving a President–and ultimately–his taping of conversations at the White House that would be his downfall. Do you know when we first heard of Watergate?

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By: Paco Elvira
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Survey Says: Just Where Do YOU Hide Your Spare Keys???

Everyone keeps an extra set of keys–just in case. But where do you hide them? You may be surprised that the place you keep them isn’t as secure as you think.

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By: Joe Raedle
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Health: Headed Into Menopause? Consider Caffeine

A new study says caffeine appears to have a positive effect–but it depends on where you are in your menopause cycle.

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By: Mike McGinnis
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Birthdays: Sing It Girl–Michelle Williams

She started as a member of Destiny’s Child–now Michelle Williams has stepped out and made a musical name for herself. Today, she celebrates a birthday

V 101.9–07/23/2014

By: Mario Tama
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History-Pt 2: NCAA Slaps Penn State With Mega Fines

It all stemmed from the child sex abuse case involving former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. But the NCAA also hit the head coach with harsh penalties–do you remember who he was–and the worst penalty he received?

V 101.9–07/23/2014