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Birthdays: More Than Being Mary Jane–Gabrielle Union

She has been in some of the popular movies–from the Think Like A Man series to “Deliver Us From Eva” and her current TV series, “Being Mary Jane.” Mot recent role change–to wife of NBA star Dwayne Wade.

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History:Rumble In The Jungle

It was billed as the biggest fight ever–with Muhammad Ali facing George Foreman to regain the world heavyweight title–so how did it turn out?

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By: David Livingston
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Birthdays: Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around—Telma Hopkins

Tie A Yellow Ribbon was the biggest hit for Tony Orlando & Dawn–where singer/actress Telma Hopkins first came to fame. Since then, she has done numerous television shows, including Family Matters and Gimme a Break.

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History: Lady Liberty Takes Her Bow

This is the day that Pan Am launched its first international flight–the irony is in where that flight was taking passengers.

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History: An Ode To Boxer Shorts–A Fashion Statement…..

For many the question is: Boxers or briefs? But the origins of boxer shorts began this day–more than 100 years ago.

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