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History: Supreme Court Ends Racial Segregation On Buses

It was a major decision by the high court–a declaration that buses could not be segregated by race–the case of Rosa Parks sitting at the front of the bus was a catalyst–so when did this case go to the Supreme Court in the fifties?

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Birthdays: She’s Got The Best “View”–Happy B’Day Sherri Shepherd

It may be one of the best gigs in television–co-hosting the highly rated “The View” talk show— so Sherri Shepherd is in good company on her birthday. But its also the birthday of a heavy weight LA Lakers fan

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History: Bob Marley–Peacemaker

It may not be the title you associate with the king of Reggae–but before his death, Marley brought together two factions in Jamaica at the One Love Peace Concert.

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Environment: Word To Your Mother–Its Earth Day

Americans have taken note and celebrated Earth Day for more than forty years.

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Health:Pollen Got Cha? Its The Season–And Bless You….

The experts say we may experience a “Pollen Vortex” this spring—with allergy and asthma sufferers in for a pretty heavy bout of symptoms.

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