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7 Perks To Aging That No One Talks About

Before you turn the big number with a zero behind it and start feeling some type of way about “getting OLDER”, you should consider the perks and plusses of getting old. Surely this will give ME something to look forward to during the next 90 days…or will it?


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3 Things To Do Today To Begin Your Journey To Happy

Let me tell you that I love a great book, movie, storyline any day and every day. The challenge however, comes when we close the book, the credits roll and we go back to the natural lighting in the room.


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93 Days Of Summer Quotes: Day 22-28

I use to be in a race to get SOMEWHERE until HERE & HOW found me…


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7 Reasons To Add Water Aerobics To Your Workout

If you‘ve been out of the fitness world and your body is paying the price and it shows, you may want to consider a new way to jump back into a workout routine. Try water aerobics.


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93 Days of Summer Quotes: Days 15-21

“Don’t complain about things you’re not willing to change” ~unknown


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The Workout Countdown Begins…AGAIN! 50, 49, 48, 47…

I finally began the one thing on my 50 before fifty list that I was not at all looking forward to. On Tuesday, because Mondays are usually painful enough, I began my 50 consecutive days of working out.


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93 Days of Summer…Quotes: Day 1-7

Optimize your summertime with these awesome quotes…


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10 Ways To Heat Up A Relationship: Just In Time For Summer

Put the fire back into your romance with these tips!


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The Power Of The Question

As certain as I am, that I am NOT the only one with this issue, I am also convinced that there are others like myself, that have not realized the importance of asking the right one.


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Serving Others Is The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

I gave myself flowers this morning for stepping out of the “all about me” zone last weekend. I’m having my very first book pre-launch/preview this weekend at my home and instead of taking the time to stress over my three pages of to do items, I drove to Atlanta to participate in someone else’s first event. It was the best selfish act I could have done for myself…giving my time, attention and 2talent to someone else. I now know without a doubt that I am ready for what’s next.