Keith Garrett

Photo By: Kevork Djansezian /  Getty Images Entertainment

Black History Month: V101.9 Honors Prince

V101.9 continues our salute to some of the greatest musical artists of our time as Black History Month continues.


By: Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images Sport

Birthdays: The World’s Fastest Man Celebrates

He got the title at the 2012 Olympics, but Usain Bolt at 26 is a baby in today’s list–check out the guy who not only made colorful ’70’s clothes cool–on a cop–but was a drugged out dad to Prince in “Purple Rain.


(photo by V101.9)

Meet Keith “Sweat” Garrett

When you are at a V101.9 function, have you ever asked yourself, “Who is that man and why is he smiling?” Well, the answer is simple: It’s Keith “Sweat” Garrett.



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