The Steve Harvey Morning Show

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Strawberry Letter: Fight For My Man Or Give Up And Let It Go

What should she do? Has she lost her man for good? Should she give up hope or keep fighting?

10 hours ago

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Steve Harvey:Faith & Effort!

Today on the Steve Harvey Morning Show on V101.9, Steve has a powerful message for anyone that has desperately been looking for change.

V 101.9–10/20/2014

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Strawberry Letter: Marital Affair

She feels humiliated and wonders how her husband can just walk away and never look back? What can she do to get over her husband?


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Steve Harvey Talks With Sam Smith!

As we all know Steve Harvey is a big fan of Soul and R&B music. When he comes across a new and upcoming artist he really likes, he makes sure everyone knows about it.

V 101.9–10/16/2014

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Strawberry Letter: Brown Sugar

Which one should she pick or is it better to fly solo? She says she’s trying to help her friend, but should she just mind her own business?


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Strawberry Letter: Divorce Or Cheat?

His wife is not giving him any and now even his ex-wife is starting to look good to him! What should he do?


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Strawberry Letter: Broke Into Neighbors House, Wife Was Away!

She wants to know if her neighbor knows who he beat that night? Would you ever break into your Crush’s home to seduce them?


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Strawberry Letter: Real Friendship, Or Just Fooled

She told her friend that her friend’s husband came onto her, now their friendship is over. Should she let the friendship go?


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Steve Harvey Talks With The Queen Of Soul!

The Steve Harvey Morning Show had the pleasure to talk to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

V 101.9–10/08/2014

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Strawberry Letter: Confronted By My Lover’s Past

Did her husband betray her trust by not telling her that he has a secret daughter? How can she explain to her kids that the family friend is really their sister?



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