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Strawberry Letter: Pregnant Single And Raising A 13 Year Old Boy

How can she develop a healthy relationship with her son if he is afraid to talk to her and every time she tries to talk to her son she becomes frustrated?


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Steve Harvey & Jennifer Hudson Make Beautiful Music Together!

You know how much Steve Harvey loves music. Just think of how he is ALWAYS singing on the morning show. Recently, the host teamed up with Jennifer Hudson for a pretty exciting jam session.


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Strawberry Letter: Breaking The Cycle After 14 Years

14 years ago, I married a man at age 23. We met on the Internet. I was young and hadn’t had much experience in relationships. He was older by 7 years and had already been married twice.


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Strawberry Letter: I Already Know This Is Wrong But!

She’s torn between her loyalties for her significant other and her desires for a younger man. What do you think she should do?


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Steve Harvey: The Right Direction!

Today on the Steve Harvey Morning Show on V101.9, the message is all about moving in the right direction.

V 101.9–09/16/2014

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Strawberry Letter: About To Kick Her Out

She hardly ever gets out of bed, does not even try to look for work, hardly ever showers, eats constantly, refuses to clean up behind herself and her child, and runs the a/c constantly (living in the south during the summer is hot, but it’s not unbearable… and definitely not worthy of having the a/c set to 70 degrees 24/7).


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Strawberry Letter: I Am Such A Fool

I cheated on this woman and did everything I could to hurt this woman and break her spirit. This woman has done nothing but love me and be there for me. Not only did I cheat on her, but I married the woman I cheated on her with…


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Steve Harvey: Success Is A Process!

Today on the Steve Harvey Morning Show on V101.9, Steve has some great advice for anyone who’s been seeking success and it hasn’t quite happened as quick as you’d like.

V 101.9–09/10/2014

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Strawberry Letter: Need Some Answers About This Man!

Not even a week passed and he turned around and said that he doesn’t want to be with me anymore.


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See A Full Listing Of Steve Harvey Appearances!

Is there anything that Steve Harvey can’t do? Well, I doubt it. This week is going to be quite a week for the talented host. With the premiere of his television show and the release [...]



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