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History: Got A Vaccum Cleaner? Thank Bissell

Would you prefer beating your rugs–or using a carpet sweeper? Thanks to Melville Bissell, this day saw the patent registered for a carpet sweeper–the precursor to the vacuum–now, when did he patent this floor cleaner?

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History:Diahann Carroll Makes Television History

It was the sixties–and Diahann Carroll took on the lead role in a situation comedy–making her the first Black woman in the starring role. Do You know the name of the show

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Health:The CDC Confirms It–America’s Waistline is Expanding…….

It may not be big news to you–but Americans are getting bigger–in the middle, and the CDC says that is very bad for your health.

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Legal Briefs: NFL May Weigh In On Greg Hardy

Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy may have the NFL: weighing in on his guilty verdict on assaulting an ex-girlfriend

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Business: Social Security Statements Are Coming Back

The Social Security Administration is bringing back the mailed benefit statements to keep you up on what you are eligible for when you retire.

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History:Rapper’s Delight Makes It For Sugar Hill Gang

It was on this day that the song, “Rapper’s Delight”–made the Sugar Hill Gang the first commercially successful rap group.

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Health:Pre-Diabetes In America At Epidemic Levels

You may not be a diabetic–but statistics show the numbers are high for those in the pre-diabetic category

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Business:Here’s The Envelope–Tip The Maid………

Marriott International hotels wants guests to start tipping the housekeeping staff–and they are making it convenient to do so.

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Survey Says: Millenials & TV–Don’t MIx…

Paying for traditional television is quickly turning into a thing of the past for many young people.

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History: First TV Show With A Black Lead Character- “I Spy….”

It was the sixties and change was happening on the streets–and on America’s television screens.

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