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History: Scienc Confirms–Thomas Jefferson IS The Daddy……..

For years, many Americans didn’t believe the President of the United States fathered children with Sally Hemmings–his wife’s half sister and slave, but on this day, science confirmed he did.

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History:Rumble In The Jungle

It was billed as the biggest fight ever–with Muhammad Ali facing George Foreman to regain the world heavyweight title–so how did it turn out?

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History: Lady Liberty Takes Her Bow

This is the day that Pan Am launched its first international flight–the irony is in where that flight was taking passengers.

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History: An Ode To Boxer Shorts–A Fashion Statement…..

For many the question is: Boxers or briefs? But the origins of boxer shorts began this day–more than 100 years ago.

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History: The World’s Biggest And Greatest Circus Is Born

They had been rivals–then they merged to become the “biggest show under the Big Top”–Which two circuses are we speaking of?

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Health: Patients Make Progress Against Ebola

New reports that U.S. citizens infected with the Ebola virus are winning their fight, while the Homeland Security czar announces new Ebola travel restrictions.

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Legal Briefs: Ray Rice Case Heads To Appeal Hearing

The former Baltimore Raven will have his day before an arbitrator in early November–but does it mean he gets to play again?

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Business:You Got Vacation Days? Better To Take Them

A new report out says many Americans simply are not taking their earned vacation days—and it says its not helping you at the job by passing them up.

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History:The Start Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

It was a time of fear across the globe as the United States and Cuba faced off–waiting to see who would blink–or fire a missile– who was President when this happened in America?

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History:Million Man March–Part 2

It happened in 2005– a call one decade later after thousands of African Americans gathered at the National Mall in Washington to heed the call of Minister Louis Farrakhan–what was it all about–do you remember?

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