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History:”A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste”…

It was on this day that the organization that uses this slogan to solicit donations was formed–what is the name of the group? A King gave up his throne for this woman who died on this day in Paris…

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Legal: Georgia Residents, Get Your Guns…..

It is now legal to take a gun into places they never went before in Georgia–including churches. The White House is considering new guidelines for clemency rules that could free thousands.

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Health:E-Cigarette Rules Out Today

The FDA is proposing new rules to regulate electronic cigarettes. And HIV thirty years later—what have we learned—–and how is the disease affecting us now?

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History: Supreme Court Ends Racial Segregation On Buses

It was a major decision by the high court–a declaration that buses could not be segregated by race–the case of Rosa Parks sitting at the front of the bus was a catalyst–so when did this case go to the Supreme Court in the fifties?

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History: Bob Marley–Peacemaker

It may not be the title you associate with the king of Reggae–but before his death, Marley brought together two factions in Jamaica at the One Love Peace Concert.

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Environment: Word To Your Mother–Its Earth Day

Americans have taken note and celebrated Earth Day for more than forty years.

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Health:Pollen Got Cha? Its The Season–And Bless You….

The experts say we may experience a “Pollen Vortex” this spring—with allergy and asthma sufferers in for a pretty heavy bout of symptoms.

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History: The Day The Oklahoma Bomber Was Arrested

The horrific bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma sent America on the hunt for domestic terrorists–on this day they found one. Do you remember what year this all happened? Its also the day A Michael Jackson Album slipped from the top of the charts after 37 weeks—and ironically the same day a few years later he was indicted on child molestation charges.

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Health: Do You Suffer From CRS? Seniors Not The Only Ones With Memory Lapses…

If you “Can’t Remember Stuff either, don;’t just think it happens to senior citizens–a new report says your memory abilities can start slipping after the age of 24. And if you are having a cook out, you may want to check those wieners–there is a recall.

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Business-Pt 2: Student Loans–Not A “Good Investment”

Many parents and students headed off to college accept student loans as a burden–but a “good long term investment”. Now comes a new report that says–that’s not so for many who are underwater with student debt.

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