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History:The Start Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

It was a time of fear across the globe as the United States and Cuba faced off–waiting to see who would blink–or fire a missile– who was President when this happened in America?

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History:Million Man March–Part 2

It happened in 2005– a call one decade later after thousands of African Americans gathered at the National Mall in Washington to heed the call of Minister Louis Farrakhan–what was it all about–do you remember?

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History: The Beginning Of That “Silly Bear”–Winnie The Pooh

Ask any child and they know immediately who Winnie the Pooh is–but did you know we first heard of him on this day almost 100 years ago?

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History:The First Stone Laid For—The President’s House

Most America’s know this building as the White House–but its first name was the President’s House–they laid the cornerstone on this day–do you know what year? And celebrities came out to perform on a show named after a Ford Motor Company car–that bombed big time.

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History: America’s VP–Tax Evasion Charges?????

It happened in 1973– an American Vice President plead “no contest” to federal tax evasion charges. Her later resigned from office. You see his picture–but do you know his name??

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History:Water And Electricity For The West

It was during a depression and jobs were needed–as well as power for California. It took generators at this mega dam to cover all of the bases in 1936. So what’s the name of this dam that you can drive on top of?

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History: The Second Ali Scores A Knock Out

The original Muhammad Ali passed his genes on to one daughter who on this day–knocked out her opponent April Fowler–31 seconds into the first round. So what’s the name of this knock out puncher?

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History: She Said-He Said..Clarence Thomas And Professor Anita Hill

America was about to see the second African American nominated and seated on the U.S. Supreme Court when this bomb shell hit–and it came from a professor who worked for him. What was it Ms. Hill accused the jurist of?

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History:No WMD In Iraq-Bush Said There Were

It was the reason America went to Iraq to fight a war–concerns, as stated by then President George H.W. Bush.

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Business: Vehicles Sales—Looking Good….

Its looking like a good year for General Motors-sales figures are up on a number of brand cars, but Ford’s picture is a bit different

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