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History: A Spin On A Dune Buggy–On The Moon

That iconic fun machine from the seventies was also taken to the moon by astronauts—and two of them rode in it for a few hours–which lunar mission saw this first time feat?

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History-Pt 2: Bush Admits-A Lie Led To Iraq War

It was on this day that President George Bush admitted that a sentence in his inaugural speech was the impetus for his strike against Iraq –and that it was not true–do you know when he finally admitted it?

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History:”High Crimes And Misdemeanors”–Richard Nixon

It was a day that would see the legislative Branch of Government deciding to impeach the head of the United States–but what happened before they could go to trial?

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Health: Heart Attacks Worse For Women Than Men

The medical studies have focused on how men react after a heart attack–now comes word that its women who fair worse after such an episode–and have more complications.

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History: The Day NASA Became A Reality

Ask most anyone what NASA is and they can tell you–its the nation’s space program. But do you know what NASA is short for?

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Health: Want To Stay Healthy? Do A “Fist Bump”

Everyone wants better health–and here’s a tip–even a small amount of running helps you avoid major health issues.

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Business: Recall On Camrys???

Consumer Reports is sounding the alarm–saying Toyota should recall more than 150,000 Camrys because of braking problems.

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History: The Amendment That Granted Citizenship

America has a Constitution and a Bill of Rights–but do you know which amendment to the Constitution granted citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States.”

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History: Nixon-Watergate–Those Tapes…..

It may have been the biggest scandal involving a President–and ultimately–his taping of conversations at the White House that would be his downfall. Do you know when we first heard of Watergate?

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Survey Says: Just Where Do YOU Hide Your Spare Keys???

Everyone keeps an extra set of keys–just in case. But where do you hide them? You may be surprised that the place you keep them isn’t as secure as you think.

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