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History-Pt 1: Ahh The Ice Cream Cone…..

If you didn’t have a cone–how would you walk, talk, and enjoy that truly summer time treat? It was on this day the cone was first introduced to the world—at a major gathering–can you guess where the ice cream cone made its debut?

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Health: Anti Cancer Drug Can Detect HIV

It may be one possible break thru HIV/Aids researchers have sought–now comes word that an anti-cancer drug makes it possible to detect the virus.

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Business: Lottery Winners-Quit Or Keep Working???

Most people say if they win big in the lottery–the first thing they would do is stop working.But some folks say, “not so fast.”

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Survey Says….: How “Old” Is “Too Old” For Some Trends???

At what age should you stop dressing like your twentysomething offspring? Or better yet–at what age do you stop being “roomies” with someone else? A new survey out may surprise some who thing what they do in the social media world is “alright.” And — is it important to pass family values to the next generation?

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Urban Wire: Apollo To Jail And Drug Rehab

While his wife is riding high on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Apollo Nida is about to hit hard times–for a federal conviction. And here’s something America has not heard in a while–the HIV rate is down–in this country.

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History:The Day The “VA” Came Into Existence

The Veteran’s Administration came into being to serve veterans during a time that American had assisted in one war–plunged into the Great Recession–and before soldiers marched off to yet another war– can you determine what year the VA came into being?

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History: Did You Ever See The Wienermobile???

Yes boys and girls, America came up with a vehicle shaped like a hotdog wiener—and it made one particular brand a household word–do you remember the song associated with the unusual vehicle?

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History: The Birth Of Disneyland

It became the ultimate in places for kids to go for vacation–Disneyland in California, and today is the anniversary of its opening in Anaheim.During what iconic American century did this ‘Happiest Place in the World” open?

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Health: Your Best Friend Is More Like You Than You Know….

What is it that makes friends–best friends–so similar? A new study says while they may not be biologically related—their genetic makeup is closer than you think.

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Business-Pt 2: No More Mini Post Offices At Staples

It sounded like a great partnership, but now the postal service and Staples are ending the partnership—after threats from various unions.

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