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History–Pt 2: AIDS, Ryan White And The American Classroom

It was an ailment no one knew how to cure–then came the question: can a child infected with it attend public school? The case of Ryan White changed how Americans viewed the illness with the small name.

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History–PT 1: Women Gain The Right To Vote……..

It took years of organizing and protesting, but on this day in 1920 an amendment was added to the United States Constitution that granted and guaranteed women the right o vote.

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Health: Medical Marijuana IS A Lifesaver

It may not be what some want to hear, but medical facts back up the claim that medical marijuana is a lifesaver.

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Business: Americans Auto Love Affair Hits A Rocky Spot

So how much do you love your car? Many Americans swear by certain brands–others are simply, “All American” in their loyalty. But overall, Americans are not very happy right now with their cars.

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Survey Says: Americans Don’t Trust Police

A new survey out says what many across America believe–mistrust of police is epidemic. A large percentage of Americans don’t think police departments hold their officers accountable if they step over the line.

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History: The Beginning Of Cadillac

It is the iconic car that represent America–the Cadillac in all its glory–this is the day the first one rolled off an assembly line–do you knoe the year? Its also the first day that a president road in an automobile –do you know which President?

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History: Hawaii Becomes Part Of The United States

It was the last–and many say the most beautiful–state to join the Union. Formerly ruled by Hawaiian kings and queens–do you know when they became part of the United States?

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History:The Official And Formal End To The Civil War

It divided a nation—and freed a nation of African Americans–and it was on this date that America’s war with itself was formally declared over. Do you know which United States President made the declaration?

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History:Medalist Marion Jones–And Banned Performance Drugs

It was on this day that the highly celebrated track star Marion Jones was accused in a newspaper article of taking banned performance drugs during a competition season. She later was convicted of lying to a grand jury–and had to give up her medals.

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History:TheFirst Black Man Graduates From University Of Mississippi

It was a first many thought would never come–a black man–James Meredith–graduating from a school that stood with segregationists int he South. Do you know when this happened?

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