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Opening Statements Scheduled For The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

Chirl Girl’s Entertainment News For Wednesday, 02/22/12

  Did you hear about [lastfm link_type=””]Michael Jackson’s [/lastfm]daddy, Joe Jackson’s failed lawsuit?  What about [lastfm link_type=””]Paula Abdul[/lastfm] having to kick out $900k to a lady who fell in her driveway?  I’ve got these stories […]


Chirl Girl's Entertainment Page! 6/23/2010

Miss [lastfm]Fantasia[/lastfm] has got something to hollar about!  A new video and maybe a new love!  And get this…he’s not a rugrat!  He plays in the NFL!  Go head, Girl!  Get yours!  And I’ve the […]


Chirl Girl’s Entertainment Page! 6/15/2010

Tuesdays means new music and great prizes!  Find out who has new music in the stores!  Did you hear about the advice that [lastfm]Steve Harvey [/lastfm]gave[lastfm] Fantasia[/lastfm]?  More inside!


Chirl Girl’s Entertainment Page! 5/17/2010

Guess who just bought a house with her “trainer?” Talk about getting your workout in!  Have you heard about the possible reunion of [lastfm]Destiny’s Child[/lastfm]? Did you know about the disturbing video of [lastfm]Sean Levert […]


Chirl Girl’s Entertainment Page! 5/04/2010

[lastfm]Joe Jackson[/lastfm] is upset!  Find out why!  [lastfm]Toni Braxton’s [/lastfm]new cd, “Pulse” drops today! What’s going on with [lastfm]Keyshia Cole [/lastfm]and [lastfm]Daniel Gibson[/lastfm]?  Is the wedding off?  Find out inside!



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