The Shining

Friday The 13th: Top 10 Horror Movies Of All Time

Hang your garlic; grab your four-leaf clover, Friday the 13th is upon us. What better way to celebrate the most unlucky day of the year than by counting down the scariest supernaturally-themed horror movies of all time.


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Money Saving Monday: Creating A Frightastic Haunted House For Less!

When I think of creating a haunted house I always think of that episode of the ‘Cosby Show’ where the family turned their basement into a frightening dungeon of despair that sent their poor neighbor Peter running for the hills. If you’re looking to do the same this Halloween there are ways to be spooktacular without breaking the bank.


Worst Death Scenes in movies

FAIL! The Worst Death Scenes In Movie History For Halloween

So, your horror movie marathon is going great but then it happens. That horrible, cheesy death scene that comes outta nowhere. You know, the one where the hero’s best friend gets stabbed to death from […]


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The Top 10 Scariest Hip-Hop/R&B Music Videos

[photogallerylink id=55757]We’ve made our list of the most frightful, scariest, and disturbing music videos in the hip-hop and R&B world! Check out our videos and see which one scares you the most!


“Paranormal Activity 2″

Like scary movies? “Paranormal Activity” was a viral success and scared audiences all over the country. Well, guess what? It’s back with a sequel! Check out the trailer here…



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